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Around the hall, January 24th 2018

Ioana talks about Tenzokyokun, January 23rd 2018

With resolve and sincerity, one should aim to exceed the ancients in purity and surpass the former worthies in attentiveness. The way to put that aspiration into practice in one’s own person is, for example, to take the same three coins that one’s predecessors spent to make a soup of the crudest greens and use them to now to make a soup of the finest cream. This is difficult to do. Why is that? Because present and past are completely different, like the distance between heaven and earth. How could we ever be able to equal their stature? Nevertheless, when we work attentively, therein lies the principle that makes it possible to surpass our predecessors.
That you still do not grasp the certainty of this principle is because your thinking scatters, like wild horses, and your emotions run wild, like monkeys in a forest. If you can make those monkeys and horses, just once, take the backward step that turns the light and shines it inward, then naturally you will be completely integrated. This is the means by which we, who are [ordinarily] set into motion by things, become able to set things into motion.
Harmonizing and purifying yourself in this manner, do not lose either the one eye [of transcendent wisdom] or the two eyes [of discriminating consciousness]. Lifting a single piece of vegetable, make [yourself into] a six-foot body [i.e. a buddha] and ask that six-foot body to prepare a single piece of vegetable. Those are [the cook’s] spiritual penetrations and magical transformations, his buddha-work and benefiting of living beings.
Having prepared [everything] so that the preparations are finished, and cooked [everything] so that the cooking is done, look to […]

Murilo talks about Tenzokyokun, January 19th 2018

When Xuefeng resided at Dongshan [monastery], he served as cook. One day when he was sifting rice [master] Dongshan asked him, “Are you sifting the sand and removing the rice, or sifting the rice and removing the sand?” Xuefeng said, “Sand and rice are simultaneously removed.” Dongshan asked, “What will the great assembly eat?” Xuefeng overturned the bowl. Dongshan said, “In the future you will go and be scrutinized by someone else.”
In the past, eminent men in possession of the way practiced in this way [as cooks], working energetically with their own hands. In this latter day, how can we who are so late getting started [in our
practice] be negligent about this? The ancients said that cooks regard tying up their sleeves [for manual work] as the way-seeking mind. Lest there be any mistakes in the sifting out of rice and sand, you should examine it with your own hands. The Rules of Purity say, “When preparing meals, one should reflect intimately on one’s own self; [the food] will then of itself be pure and refined.”
Keep the white water with which you have washed the rice; do not wastefully discard it. In ancient times they used a cloth bag to strain the white water and used it to boil the rice when making gruel.
Having put [the rice] into the cooking pot, pay attention and guard it. Do not allow mice and the like to touch it by mistake, nor any covetous idlers to examine or touch it.
When cooking the vegetable side dishes for the morning gruel, also prepare the platters and tubs used for rice, soup, etc., as well as the various utensils and supplies that will be […]

Eko talks about Tenzokyokun (English summary after one hour), January 17th 2018

Up the mountain and around the hall, Muho talking in the red room (about what it takes to join Antaiji long term) and Zen for Nothing in Japan, January 16th 2018

Zen for Nothing is showing in theaters in Tokyo and Osaka. Read an article about the movie in the Japan Times:

Around the hall, December 20th 2017

Snow during Rohatsu sesshin, December 8th 2017

During the earliest hour of December 8th we celebrate the awakening of Shakyamuni under the Bodhi tree 2500 years ago. It is the final day of the week long, extremely cold Rohatsu sesshin. This year it started to snow on the fifth day, and it will probably to vontinue like this until February. The car passed the road for one last time, it will be closed until March 26th.

Muho gives Japanese talk on Gakudo-yojinshu, November 24th 2017

Antaiji in the 1990s

A movie from 1998 (re-edited):

The original version of this film by Sten Barnekow and Martin Persson can be found here:

And pictures by Sten from three years before that: Antaiji 1995

Antaiji in the 1990s and around the hall, November 19th 2017

A movie from 1998 (re-edited):

Original version of this film by Sten Barnekow and Martin Persson:

And pictures by Sten from three years before that: Antaiji 1995

Around the hall on a chilly November day in 2017: