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Videos on Antaiji and Abbot Muhō

Here is a collection of videos about Antaiji in English, Italian and French. For more videos in Japanese or German, visit the respective language sites. You will found a lot of self-made videos on our blog as well.

Sesshu’s World of Zen in Ink

Sesshu is called the father of Japanese ink painting. German-born Muho Noelke, a Zen abbot in Japan, visits Yamaguchi Prefecture in western Japan, a city that changed Sesshu’s life. Here, Sesshu escaped Kyoto’s culture of copying Chinese ink paintings and searched for his own style of expression. His works embody the Zen tenets and aesthetics that prevailed during the samurai age in which he lived. What he learned he imparted to his disciples. Even today they hold new discoveries..

Muho talks about “Arousing Bodhimind”

An audio recording by Joseph Chigyo Wijsmuller in Schin up Geul, August 28th 2016:
Translation of the first chapter of “Gakudoyojinshu” read from “The Heart of Zen” (trans. Shohaku Okumura).
An alternative translation by Kazuaki Tanahashi of the same text can be found here.

Wabisabi @ Antaiji?

Video about the “wabi sabi” aspect of Japanese culture. The whole program is about 45 minutes long, but the part about Antaiji starts after half an hour: (Jap. documentary 2013, 45 min). The part about Antaiji is here:

Life at a Japanese Zen monastery

Peter Barakan visited Antaiji in October 2011 and talked with abbot Muho about zazen, life in the monastery and the relation between teacher and student. This is the original English version, a dubbed Japanese version can be found here (Jap. documentary, 28 min).

Ten Ox-Herding Pictures

Video of an English lecture by Muho in Terneuzen (Netherlands) in July 2011, about The ten ox-herding pictures:

The Abbot of Antaiji

A German documentary (November 2003/May 2004, 43 min)

Visite à Antai-ji

Documentaire “L’Orient-Extrême – De Berlin à Tokyo” – Arte (April 2013, 5 min)

Antai-ji – Monastère Zen au Japon

Extrait du documentaire “Zénitude et plénitude” sur Arte (sur les jardins zen) (April 2012, 10 min)


A French documentary (April 2003, 13 min)