...About Antaiji...

Antaiji is a temple devoted to Zen practice as a natural expression of life.
Zazen and work are not simply practiced as one part of life, rather all 24 hours of your daily life itself are to be the manifestation of Zen. Antaiji has no other special practices, teachings, meditation techniques, insights or spiritual guidance to offer you. Nor is it a place to get in touch with the mystery of the East, have occult experiences or just have a taste of Japanese culture.

This is a place where you can create your own life as bodhisattva practice. Although you are expected to live harmoniously with the other practioners at Antaiji, the responsibility for your practice lies solely with yourself. There is no one to live your life for you. Nobody will wipe your ass for you.

What is most important is not to use the buddha way for your own purposes, but rather to give up your own ideas and throw yourself completely into the practice of the way. For this, you should be clear about the basis of your practice and the motive that brings you here. If you expect anything other from your stay than what life at this precise moment has to offer you, you will invariably be disappointed. Make sure you know why you want to come here - do not fool yourself or others.

Our life consists of zazen, religious study and hard physical labor, which serves to support our practice. Anyone who is serious about pure Zen practice in the tradition of Dogen Zenji, the founder of Japanese Soto Zen, is welcome at this temple.

You can stay at Antaiji as long or short as you like. However, because of the heavy snow, it is not possible to reach the temple between December 10th and March 25th. In no circumstances should you try to enter or leave the mountain on your own. It is important that you obtain permission before you come to Antaiji.

You do not have to pay for staying at Antaiji, but donations are welcome and necessary to support our practice.