No. 1
September 15th, 2001

What is Zazen good for?
The answer is simple: Zazen is not good for anything. We are always looking for something: Money, love, success in school or carriers in our lives. Finally, what we are longing for is the "happiness" that we are lacking right now. But running after that "happiness", haven't we lost sight of ourselves and the reality of our lives right now?

Looking around for "happiness", we don't even really know what "happiness" is, and we can't realize that real happiness exist nowhere but in this precise moment, that we have lost sight of.

We have to stop looking around for a moment. Zazen does not mean to try to become something. It rather means to stop trying to achieve something by one's own force. Instead, we throw ourselves into Zazen, leaving everything to Zazen. Thus Zazen manifests Zazen. It is not us, but Zazen that performs Zazen. In that moment, we become really ourselves for the first time, living ourselves by ourselves through ourselves.