January 20th, 2002

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When I win the jackpot...
"If I win the jackpot, I will make a BIG
donation, so please give me luck!"

   Among the many things people tell me during my monk's begging practice, there are sometimes funny statements like this. Wondering about how many percent I would get, I was looking forward to my donation. But for some reason that donation won't come - maybe I failed to give enough luck?

   "If I win the jackpot..." 
   I think that quite a lot of people dream that
dream. But what will happen if you actually win the jackpot?
   Will you really be happy?

   Well, I never won, so I do not know, but I have heard that in my country, Germany, if you win they first send you a counselor before they send you the money. The reason being that many mess up their lives only because they won a bundle of money. Some buy a big house and spend the rest of the money on a fancy car, only to realize that they do not earn enough to pay the taxes for that. Others quit their jobs and party all night, until they run out of money and become jobless and finally homeless. Others try to save everything for the future, they will not even lend a penny to their friends who come in hope of financial support. This way they loose their friends and end up lonely and unhappier than ever before. It seems that there are few who actually won happiness by winning the jackpot.

  The best thing to do seems to not tell anyone about the fact that you won the money, and live the same life that you lived all the time. But then - why try to win the jackpot in the first place?

   What will happen if you win the jackpot?
   What do you really need to realize your dreams and lead a happy life?

As long as you can not give a clear answer to these questions, you might get rich, but will not be happy.

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