Eko-san and Ellie started threshing today. They will be busy with their job tomorrow as well.


In the vegetable field, Yudai-kund and Hirukawa-kun are digging sweet potatoes. It makes them hungry for tempura they say.


We had lots (more than 100) of new strawberry offshoots from the 12 plants that we planted in May in the herb garden. Here, Hiromi from Mexico and German Steffi can be seen making beds for a new strawberry field.


These guys seem to be just sitting around, but actually it is them who are doing the “real work” today: Building a new stone wall in the area where we plan to extend the rice field next year. the finished wall will be about 4 meters high, so they need to do a good job to prevent it from crumbling. Tsukan from Oregon, Daniel from Germany, and Gusho-san and Takeo-kun do their best.


Behind the main hall, East German Shoko is supposed to be working as well. Here, he can be seen walking around with a camera. What is he aiming at? Me?


Today, JIsui from Singapore is standing in the kitchen. Did she read Yudai’s mind?