Yearbook 2008


Kukai (Paris, 47yo, Zen Nun)

First before giving my opinion, I would like to thank Muho and all those who have invested in the organization sesshins at the venue of Muho Europe this summer.
I would also like to thank Muho for all he offers us every moment of his life by his presence and his teaching. Sometimes practice is far from the Master difficult but Antaiji on the site you can find assistance through the teachings of Muho.

Since my first experience of practice Antaiji in 2007, I tried to do to my Zazen and harmonize my condition nun with my life and my family. At the beginning after these three months increased to Antaiji in 2007 was a little difficult, because Western social life I had become a little foreign, but gradually I could find a rythm and harmony in my life and my practice. I continued to maintain a relationship with the sangha to Antaiji by the website that I consult regularly and also by an exchange in response issue when it was necessary for my practice. By continuing to practice in Paris in several different structure of Soto Zen. When I learned by consulting the site Antaiji Muho that came to Europe in July 2008. I immediately registered for two sesshins, of Schin op Gueule Netherlands from 4 to July 6, then the buddhistische Gesellschaft Berlin from 18 to 20 July. Then added a conference in Amiens in Dojo July 2 at night. There were some other conferences and sesshins, Germany, Switzerland, Italy.
It was really important that Muho can come to Europe because he has a Sangha somewhat dispersed, but present in Europe and elsewhere in the world.

It was very important for the continuity of my practice to meet the monk Abbot Muho a second time, so I received this education Antaiji.

On July 2, after work I took a train to Amiens, very happy to review the Master responsible for the practice Antaiji. This young teacher who gives both those who wish to follow his teachings. As I was a little ahead waiting patiently in the dojo. The conference began at 20 pm. People began to arrive, then Hubert the monk who organized this conference and Muho.

I was worried because in June 2007 I left with a huge Antaiji KOAN.

Finally, the reunion was for me a great gift Dharma, a simple gassho and an exchange of light, not need many words, but so great presence on his part ... Muho talked about practice, practice, to Antaiji. Difficulties that may be encountered in practice. There were many questions, a lot about pain in zazen after several hours or days. In Muho said he should give up, let go, embrace the pain completely identify with it, accept it completely. He answered many questions, people practicing or not practicing were listening to.

At the bottom of my heart after this conference I thought this: "I met a monk Antaiji wonderful teacher, be a disciple is not easy, but maybe for the first time that day I had the feeling of to be a disciple. "

Two days later I went by train to Schin op Geul Netherlands sesshin for 2 days. Arriving at the station in the village, I walked up this big house, the place of sesshin.

Muho was present with Ester who organized this sesshin and owners of the place. I was the first person. Ester greeted me and showed me in my room saying that Muho had decided that I will be in this room No. 11. I noticed a bible in the bedside table and that nobody will share this room with me. The presence of this bible 's practice suggests that the path of Buddha' s embrace all.

Sesshin was unusual, very Western, we were about thirty people. We ate in plates, were very hearty meal, and there were many dishes. At the beginning it was surprising and completely different from what I had practiced before, then I remembered the Bible in the bedside table of the room No. 11, and I thought, here we are in Europe people of Western culture.

The evening in the room, I read some passages from the Bible that there was wondering, what it meant to follow the teachings of Buddha.

I noticed that Muho was completely in harmony with these people and he taught in complete harmony with Western culture. Then I found that it was exercising patience, including the length of meals, then the abundance of dishes.

There was Samu in the garden and around the house, much work has been done to clarify the places

Then Muho has dedicated his book "Zazen weg oder zum Glück" and other translations of works Sawaki Kodo.

I wanted to sign a book Muho for the offer to the International Association Zen through Raphael Doko.

The book "An Dich" of Sawaki Kodo seemed a book also important.

Muho Teisho offered a "shoji" then followed it are questions about the practice.

Veronique as the Tenzo this sesshin made a remarkable intervention with a speech and offered a Muho calligraphy from one of his friends.

Before leaving for Paris Muho I wanted to thank and say goodbye.

It was fast and simple, gassho.

It was a pleasure to have been able to practice close to the teacher as I Muhô Abbot wants to call Master, because of the joy it offers to all those who wish to practice Antaiji.

On 18 July evening I fly to Berlin (Berlin first experience) and then bus and subway. I arrive at the buddhistische Geselleschaft to 21 h 30. We are three people arrived. Sesshin begins the following morning at 9 am. A practicing zazen proposes to start at 4 o'clock Antaiji as to what we do up to 7 hours.

Then come other practitioners everyone settles in the dojo and we await the arrival of Muho.

When he arrived he seeks a place to sit and zazen then begins. I am surprised because in my head above the wall a picture, a monk holding a candle or a lamp. A thought comes to mind "If only it could inform my practice." We practiced together zazen at the same pace as simple Antaiji was quiet and very concentrated. Physically sometimes a little difficult. Muho made a remark during kinhin because there was too little distance between some practitioners.

At the end of the sesshin I wanted to present William Muho, another French who wanted to follow the practice Antaiji style.

I also noticed that behavior as a Muho Antaiji was a valuable lesson to each instant many Koans from this teaching in silent.

Then I asked Muho for my return in 2009 with the Sangha practice, and follow his teachings.

He said ma OK .

An anecdote:

Muho had a bracelet with "head of death" then laughs when I put my shoes, I tell Muho:

"It is the head of your disciples reduced, where is my head? ".

He replied with a big "laugh".

Then we went together to eat something to the pizza.

William had to escort me to the airport by car, then a simple gassho and a big thank you to Muho then we left.

This practical experience with Muho in Europe helped me a lot, because it's not always easy to continue to practice in the style Antaiji, ie only zazen.

I thank this wonderful practice.

See you in March 2009 to Antaiji.


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