Temple of Peace

Antaiji is a Zen monastery that commits itself to the practice of zazen and the study of the Buddha's teaching, while cultivating the fields around the temple, cutting grass and trees and doing construction work to keep the community selfsufficient.

Winter 2015/16
What's new at Antaiji?

Recent pictures:Antaiji, December 17th 2015

Videos shot on the same morning: Walk around the zen hall and bringing the kids to the school bus.

We are looking for residents between the age of 18 and 40 years who do speak at least basic Japanese and want to stay for a minimum of three years. If you are interested, please first come as an aspirant for 80 days.

In 2016, we will accept aspirants for a 80 day trial period on March 26th, April 26th, August 26th and September 26th only. We do not accept any short term visitors, except for retreats which will be held three or four times a year (Usually in May, July and September).

First snow in Antaiji fell on November 27th. Muho talks in Japanese:

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