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Donations for Antaiji

If you would like to become one of Antaiji's friends you can send us an e-mail to find out about ways to send us money. You can also subscribe and donate regularly through Paypal.

Simply and donate 30.000 Yen (about 300 US dollars) every year. To cancel any time, simply click:

You can also choose to to a monthly donation of 2.500 Yen (about 25 US dollars). To cancel, click


We want you to do only what you are ready and able to do in order to support Antaiji. Maybe you can neither commit yourself long term to the community, nor contribute financially, but your spiritual support will still be appreciated. If you enjoy reading the articles on this website and if they encourage you to practice in your daily life, this in itself is a great support for our community. Thank you for being here, being yourself!

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