Yearbook 2010



Years disappears in the mist of time and the memory of the actual physical place Antaiji fades away, and I may never ever see it again. (At 53 years of age and no money; just a poor monk- the horizon of traveling seems rather limited.) But I have discovered that there is two Antaiji. One is to be found within mind, completely still. Undivided.
Whenever I do something with all my effort in the Here and Now. Antaiji is here.
We have continued during some years to sit some weekends following the sesshin schedule as in Antaiji, alas without the guidance of a teacher- as well as a steady regular day to day schedule with zazen established within the Taisen Deshimaru Roshi lineage, through the guidance of Rev. Raphael Doko Triet. I have been fortunate to meet Rev. Shohaku Okumura here in Sweden at two occasions and next year he will be back.
So, there is hope for this our steady wallgazing sangha here in my City.
I have firm faith in this zazen, if you sincerily just continue sitting with all your effort and intensity , search the Truth and trust in Zazen all doubt dissolves in space. And that is the Temple of great Peace.
The strength of Master Muho and his effort and dicipline is still a great inspiration for me and I really hope he and his Sangha will prosper in a way most fitting for spreading and transmitting the Truth.
Thank you very much

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