Here are some links to websites that are either somehow related to Antaiji, or might be of interest for further reading. We do not take responsibility for the content of any of the following sites.

The English version of the official Sôtôshû website. With links to other Zen temples. Check out Okumura Shohaku Roshi’s English translation of the Shôbôgenzô Zuimonki.

Soto Zen Text Project
This slowly but steadily progessing project is based at Stanford university. You’ll find a lot of English translations from the Shôbôgenzô and other Sôtô texts here. As a first read, the Tenzo Kyôkun is recommended.

Bukkyo Dendo Kyokai (BDK) – Digital Texts
Online versions of several important sutras.

The Zensite: Shōbōgenzō
Translations of Dogen’s major work.

Sanshin Zen Community
Led by Shôhaku Okumura Rôshi, a student of Uchiyama Rôshi, in Bloomington IN (USA).

Gyobutsuji Zen Monastery
Founded by Shoryu Bradley, a sudent of Shôhaku Okumura Rôshi, in Kingston, AR (USA).

Valley Zendo
Was founded in 1975 by Kôshi Ichida, Shôhaku Okumura and Eishin Ikeda, three students of Uchiyama Rôshi, in Western Massachusetts (USA). The present resident priest is Eishin Ikeda.

Melbourne Zen Centre
“MZC runs regular Zazen meetings for people from all walks of life. Whether you are new to Zen practice, or have had some prior experience, please feel free to come and sit.”

Sangha Maastricht
Zen group in Schin op Geul, located between Aachen und Maastricht. Lots of translations in Dutch.

Sitting Duck
Mushin from Australia writes about her experience at Antaiji in the spring and early summer of 2014.
You will find lots of beautiful pictures of the daily life here as well.

Hardcore Zen
Always entertaining, sometimes thought provoking blog by punk rock Zen master Brad Warner.

Post-Traditional Buddhism
“This blog is based on an experimental exploration of Buddhism. Focusing primarily on a post-traditional approach, it explores a variety of important aspects of contemporary western Buddhism.”

Speculative Non-Buddhism – an experiment in creative criticism
“The blog is meant to serve as a forum for speculation on Buddhism (more properly, on what I call “non-Buddhism“).” (by Glenn Wallis)

I have been in Antaiji
This group intends to unite all the people that have stayed in Antaiji, the Zen temple lead by Kodo Sawaki Roshi, for the pure practice of Zazen.