Abbess Eko

In 2020 I, Eko Nakamura took over as the 10th Abbot of Antaiji Temple.

While working as a midwife I became interested in natural birth, breast feeding, natural eating, natural farming and came to realize that humans are only able to live through the power of nature. I came to think that human lifelihood is originally based upon an agricultural livestyle through growing rice and vegetables, and so I quite my job at the hospital and started to search for an alternative way of living.
Consequently, I was attracted by the phrase “a self-sufficient Zen temple with the support of parishioners” and so went to Antaiji to find the answer on: “How should I live?”

My 40ties I spent practicing Zen, and now, in my 50ties, I have entered a new phase of practice as the head of Antaiji temple.

What might happen in my 60s?



September 2010: Joined Antaiji

May 2013: Ordained under Muho Nölke Roshi

March 2015: Dharma battle ceremony (Hossenshiki), standing under the direction of Master Muho Nölke 

April 2015: Two-year ango at the Nunnery in Aichi

April 2017: Returned to Antaiji

March 2018: Dharma transmission (shihō) form Muho Nölke Roshi

October 2020: Appointed as the 10th Abbot of Antaiji

Born on December 8, 1967 in Yonago City, Tottori Prefecture