Zazen in Osaka

On (almost) every sunday from 6:40 to 7:40 (except when it’s raining) at the Kakushi-kuruwa bailey in Osaka castle park: Google Map To participate, please contact me at

Online every Monday from 20:00~20:50 Japanese time (lunch time in Europe, 6am at the East Coast), hosted by my friend Xuan:

Zen and Zazen

Here is the Zoom link:
Passcode: xuanyoga
See you on Monday!


If you want to experience life at Antaiji, you have the opportunity to participate in our Zen retreats from May 1st through 6th or from July 6th through 11th. If you are looking for a real challenge, you are welcome for the November sesshin from October 31st to November 6th as well.


First day

Until 4pm Arrival
5pm Dinner
6pm Orientation
After 8pm Free time, rest

Second through forth day

4am to 6:10am Zazen
6:10am Breakfast
6:40am Cleaning
After cleaning Help in the kitchen
7:30am to noon Samu (work)
12:00 noon Lunch
after lunch Samu (work), shower, help in the kitchen
5:00pm Dinner
5:20pm Dish washing
5:30pm Tea meeting
6pm to 8pm Zazen
After 8pm Free time (be quiet after 9pm)

Fifth day

4am to 9am Zazen
9am Breakfast
10am to 3pm Zazen
3pm End of sesshin
In the evening Party around the campfire
The zazen periods are interrupted by 15 minute intervals of kinhin (walking Zen) every full hour. The sesshin ends at 3pm on the last day. During sesshin no talk is allowed.

Last day

7am Breakfast
7:30am Cleaning
11pm Last meeting, sharing
12pm Lunch
After lunch Departure

Fee (accomodation and meals included)

55.000 Yen