star_auxAntaiji is a Zen monastery that commits itself to the practice of zazen and the study of the Buddha’s teaching, while cultivating the fields around the temple, cutting grass and trees and doing construction work to keep the community self-sufficient. We practice Zen without additions or modifications. Zazen is practiced solely for the purpose of zazen. What is that good for? The answer is easy: Nothing!

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My Teacher’s House (4), May 19th 2019

My Teacher’s House

Shinyu Miyaura and the History of Antaiji in Hyogo According to Muho Noelke
(by Edward Moore)

II – A Delicate Flower and the Trump of Zen (3)

Edward: How many people were there when Watanabe moved Antaiji?
Muho: In the beginning there were 30. But I never saw a picture with 30 people. Probably at the time when Uchiyama retired there were 30 people or more. During sesshin there could have been 50 or 60.

I heard from Watanabe that it was a pain in the ass to have to deal with Uchiyama’s students. Age-wise, a good number of them were older than him. Watanabe was around 32 when he became the abbot in 1975. He was six years older than Miyaura.

So when Watanabe became the abbot, Uchiyama’s students didn’t think of him as their teacher. They thought of him as a dharma brother. They all had their own opinions about how Antaiji should be run and how it should look like once it moves up there.

But Watanabe was this strong character and this Trump-like personality that doesn’t tolerate other opinions. He wants people that follow his orders and do what he expects them to do. I can imagine that Watanabe treasured those people that didn’t have a strong connection with Uchiyama. Miyaura was one of the few of those. But then there were also the monks who had already spent a number of years with Uchiyama in Kyoto but then went to continue to practice at the new Antaiji here.

In the beginning, there were quite a lot of people who didn’t look up to Watanabe as abbot but still had Uchiyama as the teacher in their minds. Whenever Watanabe […]

Abbot Muho

Abbot Muho

About the German monk who ended up becoming our abbot.

Sawaki & Uchiyama

Sawaki & Uchiyama

Texts by two internationally known Zen masters.

About Zazen

About Zazen

Why it’s good for nothing – if you’re doing it right.

Staying at Antaiji


Experience life at a Zen monastery during a short term stay.