star_auxAntaiji is a Zen monastery that commits itself to the practice of zazen and the study of the Buddha’s teaching, while cultivating the fields around the temple, cutting grass and trees and doing construction work to keep the community self-sufficient. We practice Zen without additions or modifications. Zazen is practiced solely for the purpose of zazen. What is that good for? The answer is easy: Nothing!

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My Teacher’s House, April 20th 2019

Muho: “Adult Practice”
Muho: “What does it take to become a full-fledged Soto-shu priest and is it really worth the whole deal?”
Kosho Uchiyama: “To you who has decided to become a Zen monk”

My Teacher’s House

Shinyu Miyaura and the History of Antaiji in Hyogo According to Muho Noelke
(by Edward Moore)

I – Introduction

By the roadside leading up to the temple he watched over, Shinyu Miyaura was found fatally wounded, face down in the shallows of the mountain’s river. Some hours before, the abbot had driven a bulldozer over the bank and was crushed beneath. While the vehicle moved up towards Antaiji, he stumbled a few feet in the other direction before collapsing unconscious.

His body was discovered by an American monk. A practitioner at Antaiji for over a year, this monk was with Miyaura shortly before the accident had happened. Miyaura was using the bulldozer to help bring down a guest who stayed at the temple the night before. As it was 14 February, the middle of winter, there was too much snow on the road for a regular car to drive through without assistance. While Miyaura was saying his goodbyes to the guest at the bus stop by the base of the mountain, the American monk was told to go ahead back up to Antaiji as it would soon be time for the communal bath. After a few hours, he and the other residents realised something was wrong, so they made their way back down the mountain to search for Miyaura. One could only imagine the shock of discovering that wreckage, and seeing their teacher’s broken body amidst the blanket […]

Abbot Muho

Abbot Muho

About the German monk who ended up becoming our abbot.

Sawaki & Uchiyama

Sawaki & Uchiyama

Texts by two internationally known Zen masters.

About Zazen

About Zazen

Why it’s good for nothing – if you’re doing it right.

Staying at Antaiji


Experience life at a Zen monastery during a short term stay.