Antaiji needs your support.

How can you support Antaiji?

The greatest support people can give to Antaiji is by actually sharing the life and practice of the community on a long term basis. This however envolves a commitment that few people will be able or willing to make. For information, see our page on Staying at Antaiji. If you would like to come here short term, check out a five-day retreat.

Are there other ways to support the community?

Yes, another way of helping us is to support Antaiji financially. We have annual expenses which range between 1.200.000 Yen and 1.800.000 Yen (about 12 thousand to 18 thousand US dollars). Expenses include electricity and telephone charges, fuel for the vehicles and machines, money needed to repair or buy tools and machines, things in the kitchen that do not grow on trees (like sugar, salt, oil, certain spices), repair done in and around the building, paying the annual fees for the Soto sect etc. These expenses are covered by the generosity of our visitors, donations we receive during begging tours in Osaka and Kobe, and money we earn by helping out at other temples in the summer. If you would like to contribute but have no chance to visit us, your online donation of any amount will be gratefully accepted and will be used to make sure that the life of the community can continue. If we receive more donations than we need to cover the above mentioned expenses, the money will be saved for major repair and renovation of the temple buildings, which will have to be done in the near future.

Choose an amount for your donation and donate online with a Paypal account or credit card. (1000 Yen were about 9 US Dollars in March 2019)


Become one of Antaiji’s friends

If you would like to help raise funds especially for the purpose of future repair and recontruction of the temple buildings, which have been damaged by rain and snow during the past 30 years, you might consider becoming one of Antaiji’s friends. Antaiji’s friends contribute 30,000 Yen (about 300 US dollars) annually, all of which will be saved for future renovations. Please be aware that you do not have to become one of Antaiji’s friends to stay at the monastery, and that you can also stop contributing financially at any time. If you are interested in becoming a friend, please contact us by e-mail. You can also become a friend right now by donating through Paypal.

Donate once, monthly or annually:

Donate once to become Antaiji’s friend.

Donate 30,000 Yen (about 300 US dollars) every year.

Subscribe to a monthly donation of 2,500 Yen (about 25 US dollars).


We want you to do only what you are ready and able to do in order to support Antaiji. Maybe you can neither commit yourself long term to the community, nor contribute financially, but your spiritual support will still be appreciated. If you enjoy reading the articles on this website and if they encourage you to practice in your daily life, this in itself is a great support for our community. Thank you for being here, being yourself!