Temple of Peace

What is happiness?

Sawaki Rôshi:

Once a horse and a cat had a discussion about what happiness is. I hear that they could not reach a conclusion. Don't believe the fortune tellers: how you need to live your life isn't fixed!

Uchiyama Rôshi:

There are new religious cults that ask people on the street: "Are you really happy?!"
This is one of the weaknesses of human beings - we are always pursuing happiness, but we never get a firm grip on that happiness that lovers experience when they have just fallen in love. We can not make that trance of happiness last our whole life time. At least the "normal citizens" among us.
Therefore some, who find no response to this "Are you really happy?!" are persuaded by the: "If you join our religion, you will finally be really happy!"
Why are people not clever enough to ask back: "What kind of happiness are you talking about in the first place?"
If the answer is: "Happiness means to have money, have a position and be in good health" - than you would be at the bottom of unhappiness the instant you die. Because death will take your money, your position and your health from you. If you think about happiness in terms of feeling happy or unhappy, being lucky or unlucky, than not only a discussion between horse and cat, but even a discussion of yourself with yourself will finally reach no conclusion about what happiness really is.

Sawaki Rôshi:

Beauty is no guarantee for happiness. One beauty has been so popular with the guys that she's already had three kids who do not know who their fathers are.

You're in love with each other? Maybe not for your whole life. Some have loved each other so much that they tried to commit suicide together to be united in death. But one of the two survived, and fell in love with someone else shortly afterwards... Human beings truly pitiful.

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