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Videos about Antaiji

Antaiji in September 2012

Vandy and Anxi from Osaka visited us in September and uploaded some videos on Youtube (all in Japanese). The first introduces Antaiji and its residents, the second is an interview with the abbot Muho, and in the third Muho explains about zazen and kinhin.

Life at a Japanese Zen monastery

Peter Barakan visited Antaiji in October 2011 and talked with abbot Muho about zazen, life in the monastery and the relation between teacher and student. This is the original English version, a dubbed Japanese version can be found here (Jap. documentary, 28 min).

Nippon no kokoro

Antaiji in the autumn of 2009: Muho, Daisen, Alex, Angelo, Daiun, Kenzo, Ariane, Yoko and Tomomi in a TV-Programm hosted by Takeshi Kitano. (Jap. documentary, 5 min)

Antaiji-Tempel (*nur echt mit Ninjasocken)

Shot by Jan Reider, who visited in March 2009. German language, 9 minutes.

Neuer Garten für Antaiji (*nur echt mit Ninjasocken)

Second part of Jan"s video report, in which he documents the construction of the Zen garden he designed. March 2009, 7 minutes.

Antaiji and Japanese culture

A Japanese documentary (December 2008, 12 min)

Walking the path of Zen

Another Japanese documentary (January 2007, 7 min)

Zen monastery without borders

Yet another Japanese documentary (November 2006, 18 min)

Genki desu ka

A Japanese variety show (May 2006, 21 min)

Who is the real Zen monk?

A German quiz program (December 2005, 11 min)

Join the audience and guess who the real abbot of Antaiji is. Hint: It is the one who gets the most laughs.


A Japanese documentary (March 2005, 10 min)

Pellegrinaggio in Giappone

A quite long documentation of a pilgrimage to Japan that a group of Italians did in 2004. Their visit to Antaiji can be seen between 22:30 and 33:00

Trailer for the abbot of Antaiji

Trailer consisting of the last minutes of the German (which can be seen in full below), with English subtitles. The full film, without subs, can be found below.

The Abbot of Antaiji

A German documentary (November 2003/May 2004, 43 min)


A French documentary (April 2003, 13 min)

Miyaura Roshi performs his last ordination ceremony

Japanese documentary (October 2001, 5 min)

The former abbot died in an accident only three months after the ordination of a Columbian monk, that is featured in this short clip.

Sawaki Kodo Interview

Japanese radio broadcast (March 1965, 27 min)

Japanese university professor Ueyama Shunpei interviews 85 year old Sawaki Kodo at Antaiji in Kyoto. Interview in two parts with photographs from Sawaki's albums.

Awake: Who are you?

A number of videos that show Antaijis residents in April 2006, answering the questions of two Americans.

Ten Ox-Herding Pictures

Video of an English lecture by Muho in Terneuzen (Netherlands) in July 2011, about The ten ox-herding pictures

3sat: Scobel on wisdom

Video of a discussion about wisdom in German. The whole program is about one hour long, but portions of the video are also available.

Muho talks on November 6th 2008 with psychologist Ursula Staudinger and brain scienctist Wolf Singer.

3sat: Scobel and Muho on Zen, the "I" and fried sausages

Muho talks with Scobel about basic Zen philosophy. Recorded on the same day as the discussion mentioned above, but broadcast 6 months later.

A fulfilled life - what is that?

SWR (September 2009, 88 minutes)

The rich, the good and the beautiful discuss the meaning of a fulfilled life on German TV (in German). Featuring an Olympic gold medal winner turned entrepreneur, a Porsche-driving high society lady, a busy doctor, a talkative life coach and one half of "Modern Talking". And Muho. The full Video can only be watched directly at ARD Mediathek. Muho talks in German, mainly between the 48:00 and 1:00:00:

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