Temple of Peace

Excerpts from
The Dharma of Homeless Kôdô
by Uchiyama Kôshô Rôshi

"Yadonashi Hokkusan", the Japanese original of this collection of sayings by Sawaki Roshi with comments by his student Uchiyama Roshi, contains 71 chapters. 64 of them were published as "The Zen Teaching of 'Homeless' Kodo" by the Soto Zen Headquarters in Tokyo, but are presently out of print. This Englich translation includes the previously unpublished seven chapters.

1) No need to be in chains

2) The ultimate life

3) Efficiency

4) Seeing clearly

5) The greatness of Sawaki Roshi

6) Returning to the Self

7) Circumstances

8) The production of sutras

9) Group paralysis

10) What is happiness?

11) Human mass production

12) Mob psychology

13) The vouge

14) The hallucination caused by quantity

15) Loyalty

16) Good old opinions

17) Human advancement

18) One's own opinion

19) Collecting food and hatching eggs

20) Calculating the difference

21) With a depressed expression

22) Our inertial lives

23) Religion is life

24) Money

25) Everyone is naked

26) Given that I will die

27) Ghosts and the power of suggestion

28) In the family

29) My life

30) What makes you so attractive?

31) Grades in ethics

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