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The English version of the official Sôtôshû website. With links to other Zen temples. Check out Okumura Shohaku Roshi's English translation of the Shôbôgenzô Zuimonki.

Sanshin Zen Community

Led by Shôhaku Okumura Rôshi, a student of Uchiyama Rôshi, in Bloomington IN (USA).

Valley Zendo

Was founded in 1975 by Kôshi Ichida, Shôhaku Okumura and Eishin Ikeda, three students of Uchiyama Rôshi, in Western Massachusetts (USA). The present resident priest is Eishin Ikeda.

La Stella del Mattino

An Italian group that concentrates on Christian-Buddhist dialog. Jisô Forzani and Yûshin Marassi, two students of Watanabe Rôshis, are envolved here. The English part of this website contains texts by these two Antaiji monks, as well as Shôhaku Okumura and Uchiyama Kôshô, translated by his student Tom Daitsû Wright.

Melbourne Zen Hospice

A project by Seikan, an australian Zen monk who ordained in Antaiji in 2004 and is working with dying people in Melbourne.

Melbourne Zen Meditation

Seikan's group meets since summer of 2009 in Melbourne.

Sangha Maastricht

Zen group in Schin op Geul, located between Aachen und Maastricht. Lots of translations in Dutch.


A non-profit non-organization.
"If you think you're a member, you're a member. If you think you're not a member, you're an honorary member."

Speculative Non-Buddhism - an experiment in creative criticism

"The blog is meant to serve as a forum for speculation on Buddhism (more properly, on what I call “non-Buddhism“). ... I have found the entire Buddhist project fruitlessly tedious. I’ve been asking myself this galvanizing question: what would happen if I were to take seriously the Buddha’s admonishment to “cast aside the raft” and “leave the collapsed house in shambles”? What has happened so far is that life–naked, indeterminate, raw, organic, contingent life–is enhanced to the very extent that “Buddhism” diminishes. Put in those terms, without further explanation, that sounds simplistic. This blog is, alas, the fuller explanation."

Der Unbuddhist

"Don't meditate - think!" (bilingual)

Soto Zen Text Project

This slowly but steadily progessing project is based at Stanford university. You'll find a lot of English translations from the Shôbôgenzô and other Sôtô texts here. As a first read, the Tenzo Kyôkun is recommended.

Nishijima's Shobogenzo

The Nishijima/Cross translation of Dogen Zenji's major work. There are four parts: 1, 2, 3 and 4.

Postmodern Zen

An academic analysis of Practice and Existence at Antaiji. The author of the 147 pages thesis, Jonathan McKellar, stayed at Antaiji for a month in 2003.


The nomadomura is a place for artistic, cultural and social activities on the island of Awajishima, southern Hyogo prefecture. Maybe zazen is practiced sometimes?

Which finger is pointing to the moon?

The site of Itsuro Soga: "I am studying what the Buddha taught. The following is my hypothesis. It would be much appreciated if you could glance over it and send your comment..."

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