Temple of Peace

What makes you so attractive?

Sawaki Rôshi:

What are we so worried about all the time? If we don't take care, we will be wasting our time trying to catch human delusions.

Humans are childish: They just want money, don't want to become sick, want to be beautiful - and that is enough for them.

What have you ever thought about except eating and fucking?

We are always fooled by our bodies and minds, that is why we do not see clearly.

Uchiyama Rôshi:

Recently I overheard a conversation between two ladies saying that "a man without money is only half as attractive". If women say that, the reason might be that men today actually are men that lose half of their attractiveness if they have no money. I even felt sorry for these women who do not know any other men like that. Men have to make an effort and stop just being raised like cattle or sheep.
But this concerns not only the relation between men and women: The question is more fundamental. If we ask what the other half of a man's attractiveness was, the answer would probably be: his penis. Thus people's lives today consist of nothing but money and sex.
But shouldn't both men and women posses more attractiveness than just sex appeal and the attractiveness of money? I think they should be attractive as human beings, attractive enough to cause a real "attraction" between their ways of life.

Sawaki Rôshi:

You do not have to save every penny to live good in this world.

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