Il Tempio della Pace


Sanshin Zen Community

Led by Shôhaku Okumura Rôshi, a student of Uchiyama Rôshi, in Bloomington IN (USA).

Valley Zendo

Was founded in 1975 by Kôshi Ichida, Shôhaku Okumura and Eishin Ikeda, three students of Uchiyama Rôshi, in Western Massachusetts (USA). The present resident priest is Eishin Ikeda.

Melbourne Zen Hospice

A project by Seikan, an australian Zen monk who ordained in Antaiji in 2004 and is working with dying people in Melbourne.

Soto Zen Text Project

This slowly but steadily progessing project is based at Stanford university. You'll find a lot of english translations from the Shôbôgenzô and other Sôtô texts here.


The English version of the official Sôtôzen website. With links to other Zen temples.

Soto Zen

The homepage of Thomas Shinryû Hortlik who leads the Zen-Dojo Dorsten in Germany. Shinryû was ordained at Antaiji in 2005.


Darek Dôkô Bukala was ordained at Antaiji in 2006. This is his zendo in Warsaw. You will find Polish translations of text by Uchiyama Rôshi and others.

La Stella del Mattino

An Italian group that concentrates on Christian-Buddhist dialog. Jisô Forzani and Yûshin Marassi, two students of Watanabe Rôshis, are envolved here.

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