Templo de la Paz

Lotus in the fire 2005

Floating clouds in the sky -
he mind dwells nowhere.

January 2005
How to sit? (Adult practice - Part XXI)
Soft Arse

February 2005
You look like a ball of cotton wool! (Adult practice - Part XXII)

March 2005
Fall in love with zazen (Adult practice - Part XXIII)
Ten years since the "Aum sarin attack" - What has Japanese Zen done in the mean time? (Part 1)

April 2005
A map for letting go all maps (Adult practice - Part XXIV)
How the Rinzai and Ôbaku sects defined the problem (Ten years since Aum - Part 2)

May 2005
Zazen as the perfection of patience (Adult practice - Part XXV)
Letter from a Novice Monk Part 1: Childhood

June 2005
Sesshin without toys (Adult practice - Part XXVI)
The Aum incident defined as an attack on modern human civilization (Ten years since Aum - Part 3)
Adam says hello from Australia

July 2005
Eat two parts out of three" (Adult practice - Part XXVII)
What Ordination means to me
2 in 1
"We can't do anything." (Ten years since Aum - Part 4)

August 2005
What do you eat? (Adult practice - Part XXVIII)
Ick been eyn Berliner
What happened to "our problem"? (Ten years since Aum - Part 5)

September 2005
Work to live - or live to work? (Adult practice - Part XXIX)
Rotten to the bone (Ten years since Aum - Part 6)
Down under Zen (Letter from a Novice Monk - Part 2: WORK)
49 Days

October 2005
Why are you so busy? (Adult practice - Part XXX)
Buddhism for the dead (Ten years since Aum - Part 7)

November 2005
Milking the goat (Adult practice - Part XXXI)
The Aum cult isn't the real problem (Ten years since Aum - Part 8)

December 2005
Obstructed by the kesa (Adult Practice - Part XXXII)
My understanding of Buddhism (Ten years since Aum - Part 9)

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