Yearbook 2007


Martin (Czech Republic, 25yo, Student)

Having nothing really worthy of saying I offer these few lines to any pilgrim on a quest as an expression of my gratitude for having come to Antaiji.
If you should ever set on your way for the Temple of Tranquility know there is no attainment with nothing to attain even there. The only things waiting for you are a cushion and a pair of working gloves. However you might meet someone special there. You might meet yourself. Seemingly simple situations might help you to get a glimpse of yourself. It might even come to a point where you see and bow to your true self after all. Some might help you by providing a mirror to you, some might help by asking for help. If you can put everything down, Antaiji will shine on you. You will just float effortlessly with the stream of events. The moment "I, my, me" appears, you will be hit by the next wave. The only thing you shall find there is merely whatever you bring there with you.
If you have already visited Antaiji you might have had a similar experience or a totally different one. Anyway build up an Antaiji in your heart and keep coming there for a place of tranquility in necessary if you want to shine on this world.
The hydrangea never whine and never laugh for they understand the way of a hydrangea. What about us humans, do we understand the way of a human? Form is emptiness, emptiness is form. There is no form, there is no emptiness. Form is form, emptiness is emptiness. Summer comes and the cicada scream…
Wishing all pilgrims great courage, great question and great compassion,

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