Yearbook 2007


Kukai (France, 46yo, Nun)

Antaiji practice The approval of reality Antaiji is a cloitre where practice is the practice of the way of middle and approval. What is important words or sound, words in human condition the customer human condition conditions. If they arrive at equilibrium we join original nature and fundamental practice we can enter in résonnance with any things. During this stay of two and a half months in antaiji, I was carried by the sangha and any things I was also very surprised by deep internal silence and peace and and I city a year makes my friend for every lasting day samu and zazen. Zazen is at the same time the tool and the material, before I thought that concepts it was not really the way and that it was necessary to go out of it. Currently across zazen, samu, I think that it is necessary to see that concepts it is the human condition and which it is necessary to accept, to accept still to attain the root. The human being is a concept a category. It wish while he believes choose. In after some time of practice they realize that the body and the mental want but this is to be alive. It is necessary to accept, and not to become attached. The life in antaiji takes place quietly in softness and firmness, the notion of centre sets up little by little every other minute. Because life, origin of life it is this unit which makes become aware that the time, condition human he way of the boddhisatva across is bodaishin. Life it is as a spark in a puddle of water, zazen a door was opened on the ocean of commiseration. In my life I met many people which searches the way of middle but it is undoubtedly under our feet, to grab, not will gives aptitude à any recevoir, the members a lucidity which lets foresee that creed not there with humility, it is as a catch of shelter.

The silence of which in soul sa parole endless

Braise, stoves delightful Sputter put them of silence

Enclosed fraiche Clear pacified impermanence Eternité put down

Small leafe of gold Slip on bithume grey Draws in the rain

Some words here silent and clear Space Takeoff of paper

Some white petals transparent Lake Mirror of time theft of the heron

Thank you Antaiji sangha, and antaiji nature.
Kukai san

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