Yearbook 2007


Senshin (Sweden, 49yo, Monk)

I had the task to make a table to the kitchen during Samu. I focused my mind on the problem with all that energy you gain (!) from zazen and I had it done on one day. I was rather proud and surprised of myself being able to make it stable enough to pass the test of the rather critical eyes and judgements of my lovely brothers and sisters. (Usually it would take much longer time for me to make it. )Ok. Good table...?

Anyway, that evening during tea-meeting we gave the usual informations of what had been done and what should be done the following day . With aching knees I heard Docho ask me if I was finished with the table. I answered : yes. and then he asked "and did you start that other work with the shelf? without missin a beat, without saying something to congratulate or praise or anything. Just this.

Are you finished with what you should finish? Like life itself. Adult practice. That is the reality of Life.

No time to loose in flattering the ego. Move on.

This is exactly what I came for when I came to Japan. I did not waste time to go and get something else than This. Exactly this.

To come back to Göteborg, Sweden I try to keep that practice. Of course, The root is zazen and so we try to make 2 days of Antaiji styled sesshindays 5 times a year in our dojo. But it is difficult for people to do and most give up after just half a day but...we continue.

Anyway; U are interested to know thyself? Go Antaiji. No time to loose

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