Yearbook 2007


Hubert (France, 53yo, Programmer)

Hello & Gassho to the entire Antaiji community

Still being in the study of Anapanasati sutra, I would like to share with you my actual feelings.
During Zazen I discover the importance of allowing respiration affect the spine.

During inhal, I let the inspiration massage the stretch of all vertebras of the column.

I sense the gray areas for which some vertebras stretching is absent of consciousness. I also see how these absent areas evolved when posture fits and allows those areas to awaken.

During exhal I also let it massage the unnecessary tensions along each vertebras previously stretched by the inhal. Again I sense gray areas and I leave the exhal open those areas.
The interest of this influence of breathing on each vertebra awareness is that the breathing make sense and allows me to be easier in the daily life.

Another point that I would like to share with you related to "educate yourself and educate with gentleness and compassion."
When the mind is free, gestures are soft and compassionate.
I am often reminded of a gesture made by Muho when he was indicating me by a kind hand gesture that I had to pull down my sticks during lunch for everyone to be able to serve himself again. At that moment I remember being locked up in my inwardness and angry because my legs were hurting due to the seating in seisa. The gesture of Muho indicated me that I was not alone in the world and showed me that the world he pointed his hand was gentle and compassionate

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