Yearbook 2007


Jikai (Australia, 57yo, Nun)

I'm writing this in Melbourne, Australia - far away from the beauty and richness of Antaiji and surrounds.

Being back in Melbourne is a bit scary - the cars, the dryness, the water problem, and there's a lot of focus on money, investments, property, cars and celebrity. And being here during a national election period, of course, intensifies this emphasis on self and wealth. Melbourne (and Australia) is still in drought - water restrictions have been in place all throughout wrinter.

There was certainly no shortage of rain during my last year at Antaiji - it was so persistent that the vegetable plants really suffered, many either rotting or not being able to grow to fruition. But no-one starved - we all had an abundance - and the cucumbers, eggplants and peppers wouldn't stop growing ! The rice fields still looked wonderful and the harvest was good. And I wonder how Docho-san's experiment with soba and different strains of wheat is going.

Away from the routine at Antaiji I am really appreciating its value as a building block for stability. My routine for these past few weeks has been very, and delightfully, malleable. But it's also meant that I've been confronted with lots of mind chatter about what I should and shouldn't be doing. So I still experience how intolerant I am sometimes of my own and others idiosyncrasies (difference) and negativities. But we all have to live (with everything) and live with imperfection - and with our own 'assholiness' as one of my teachers used to say. So, needless to say, I still endeavour to practice letting thoughts be.

I return to Japan in November - unsure at the moment exactly where I will go and when I will leave. But I want to be in Japan longer yet - my plans beyond next year not clear.

I met many of you at Antaiji - from me to you ...
hello, take good care.

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