Yearbook 2007


O Ryu (Canada, 28yo)

When my father died, that was about 8 years ago, I began to question to myself... What's the purpose of life? Why do we have to die? Since then, I began to look for a path that may help me to answer those questions. One day, I found one introductory buddhist book in a library. I had a great curiosity, so I bought it. When I began to read it, by coincidence or destiny (I don't really know), I realised that I have found what I was looking for. What After few years going to different centres, and after assisting to different dharma talks, I finally arrived to a Zen centre, near my home in Santiago, Chile. I had a lot to questions, and I had been passing throught very difficult moments. But the practice of Zazen had helped my very much.

Each Sesshin that I have been assisting, has been one new decision that I was about to bring into life. Zazen helps you to calm your mind, and to see things with clarity. When you begin to dwell more and more in the present moment, you realise that there is nowhere to escape from our problems, so you realise that the only thing we have left is to face them, and Zazen helps you with that.

I feel blessed for having the chance to travel into Japan, and to stay in Antaiji. A have learned too much from the japanese culture, its people, and from my experience in the temple. Antaiji is located in a very beautiful place, surrounded by nature, and enriched by the nice people that comes into this place, from all over the world. Thank you very much dear Dosho-san, for being here, and by putting your life for the sevice of the temple. We sincerely appreciate it, and we hope that Antaiji may continue to exist, to bring into life the teaching of Dogen: the practice of Zazen, here and now.

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