Yearbook 2007


Shotai (55yo, Nun)

After finishing my studies at the Aichi Senmon Nisodo in Nagoya, I visited Antaiji for a few days. In the past I had heard many stories about the temple, but none of them seem to fit in with what I lived during those few days. Maybe because I stayed just a few days?
I sat a one-day sesshin and not the traditional five days. It happened in that way because there was no five day sesshin during that short time.
I tried to edit a Spanish translation from a text by Uchiyama Roshi, but it required a lot more time to go through it and I was there for only a few days. (I brought it with me).
I enjoyed being at the temple. Its beauty in the deep mountains, the warmth of the Abbot and the monks, the daily schedule and the sakura party.
I hope that life can give me the opportunity to come back and stay more than just a few days.

Shotai kyuuhai

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