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Muho on delusional enlightenment (The God of Zen, Part 4) and Shobogenzo Gyoji, April 30th 2018

English starts at 1h 34min:

Betonmischer mit Busshin (Buddhageist), Feinarbeit im Reisfeld, 27. & 28, April 2018

Gang um die Halle, 26. April 2018

Gang um die Halle, 18. April 2018

Gang um die Halle, 13. April 2018

Kirschblütenschau in Antaiji, 10. April 2018

Das Meer weist keinen Fluss zurück & „The God of Zen“ (Part 3)


Das Meer weist keinen Fluss zurück – Ein Weg zu Liebe und Gelassenheit

Critical Buddhism:

Shobogenzo Shoji (Living and dying):

When you let go of your body and mind and forget them completely and you throw yourself into the Buddha’s abode, then everything is done from the side of Buddha and you just follow along without effort or anxiety – you break free from life’s suffering and are Buddha yourself. How can you then have any hindrance in your mind?

There is a very easy way to be a Buddha: Do not do any evil. Do not try to cling to life and death but, with deep compassion, work for all beings. Respect your elders and sympathize with those younger. When you do neither deny things nor seek them or think and worry about them – then you are called a buddha. Don’t look for anything else.

Different translations of Sobogenzo Zazenshin:
„The Lancet of Zazen“ translated by Carl Bielefeldt (
„…There is someone in „nonthinking“, and this someone maintains us.“
„A needle for Zazen“ translated by Gudo Nishijima (
„…In „non-thinking“ there is someone, and that someone is maintaining and relying upon me.“
„On Wanshi’s ‘Kindly Advice for Doing Seated Meditation’ “ translated by Hubert Nearman (
„…There is a someone involved in not deliberately trying to think about something, and that someone is maintaining and supporting an I. “

Negative (apophatic) theology:

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