Last day of the yoga event in Hakone. In the morning, I sat zazen with two ladies from Germany at the lake in Hakone, and from 10:30 I gave a talk on bodhi-mind with about 15 Japanese participants attending. Because it was done on a pier on the lake, the right side of my face was burned like a toasted bread.
At around half past 5, I was back at the airport in Tottori and drove the light truck back to Antaiji. Whenever I am in Tottori, I check for nuka (rice powder) at the automatic rice polishing machine in Iwami. If you insert coins in it, this machine will remove the rice husk and polish it. You can choose between “50%”, “70%”, “normal” and “super white”. As Japanese normally do not eat unpolished rice, you do not have the choice of “brown rice”. Therefore, when we have to remove the husk of the Antaiji rice, we have to visit a special store in Hamasaka that will not polish the rice. When you polish rice, you loose the outer part of the rice corns, which is collected in the “nuka house” on the left side of the machine. Because it is harvesting season, I was able to collect 8 full bags, which will be used for fertilizing the fields as well as food for the chicken.