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Muho gives talk on Shobogenzo Gyoji, June 30th 2018


Our great Ancestor Eka, the Second Chinese Ancestor, was of lofty virtue.
He was a magnanimous and cultured person, adored by deities and daemons, both
of whom were drawn to him. He was esteemed alike by followers of the Way and
by the worldly. He resided for a long time between the rivers Ii and Lo, where he
read extensively on a wide variety of subjects. He was considered to be a person
rare in any country, one who is seldom encountered. Because of the loftiness of his Dharma and the dignity of his virtuous ways, a strange and wondrous being
suddenly appeared and said to him, “If you really desire to receive the fruits of
your endeavors, why do you tarry here? The Great Way is not far off. Just go to the
The following day, the Ancestor suddenly had a stabbing headache. His
teacher at the time, a teacher of meditation named Kōzan Hōjō of Dragon Gate
Mountain in Loyang, was about to treat his condition when a voice from out of the
blue said, “This is due to an altering of the skull and is not an ordinary headache.”
Our Ancestor then told his teacher about his encounter with the strange and
wondrous being. When the teacher looked at the top of Eka’s head, it was as if five peaks had blossomed forth, whereupon he said, “This feature of yours is an
auspicious sign, and you will surely have an awakening to the Truth. This
wondrous being’s telling you to go south is because Great Master Bodhidharma of
Shōrin-ji Temple is undoubtedly to be your Master.” Heeding these instructions,
our Ancestor Eka then left in order to train with Bodhidharma, who was residing
atop a remote mountain peak. As for the wondrous being, he […]

Walk around the hall, June 21st 2018

Walk around the hall, June 21st 2018

A sunny day during the rainy period, June 16th 2018

On God and Zen – Part 5, June 14th 2018

Antaiji’s garden during the rainy period, June 11th 2018

Antaiji’s garden during the rainy period, June 6th 2018