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“I have been in Antaiji”: Lumberjack work, planting garlic, September 27th 2015

You want to feel as a part of Antaiji, but are not ready for 1800 hours of Zazen per year? Or maybe you do not want to work in wind and rain? Have not intentions on studying an Asian tongue when English is the world language? No problem, just click here:

Mui’s dharma talk on Shobogenzo Zuimonki 1:21, September 19th 2015

Mui talks about “leaving home”.

English translation of Dogen’s text:

“Students of the Way, you must be very careful on several levels in giving up worldly sentiment. Give up the world, give up your family, and give up your body and mind. Consider this well. Even among those who retreat from the world and live secluded in the mountains or forests, there are some who fear that their family, which has continued for many generations, will cease to exist, and who become anxious for their family members or their relatives.

Although some people depart from home and give up family or property, they have not yet given up their bodies if they think that they should not do anything physically painful and avoid practicing anything which may cause sickness, even though they know it to be the Buddha-Way.

Further, even if they carry out hard and painful practices without clinging to their bodily lives, if their minds have not yet entered the Buddha-Way and if they resolve not to act against their own will even if such actions are the Buddha-Way, they have not yet given up their minds.”

Cutting and chopping wood for the kitchen, September 18th 2015

It has been raining a lot recently. On such days we do things like cutting and chopping wood for the kitchen stove:

“Last words for Antaiji”, February 23rd 1975

Audio of Uchiyama roshi’s last formal talk at Antaiji forty years ago. An English translation can be found in Part 8 (“The Wayseeker” of the book “Opening the hand of thought”), but the essential teaching is summed up here: Seven points of practice

Dam cleaning & rice harvest (northern field), September 13th 2015

Antaiji archive in 12 languages online again, September 12th 2015

Talking head Japanese only, sorry.
The old archive with 12 languages is available again, including lots of translation in Russian:

Setchin’s ordination ceremony, September 6th 2015

Pictures can be seen here.

Zen West: At Central Park NYC