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Japanese talks by Sawaki Roshi uploaded to Youtube, January 31th 2015

The wood stove keeps us warm, January 29th 2015

Firewood becomes ash, and it does not become firewood again. Yet, do not suppose that the ash is future and the firewood past.
You should understand that firewood abides in the phenomenal expression of firewood, which fully includes past and future and is independent of past and future. Ash abides in the phenomenal expression of ash, which fully includes future and past.
Just as firewood does not become firewood again after it is ash, you do not return to birth after death.
This being so, it is an established way in buddha-dharma to deny that birth turns into death. Accordingly, birth is understood as no-birth. It is an unshakable teaching in Buddha’s discourse that death does not turn into birth. Accordingly, death is understood as no-death.
Birth is an expression complete this moment. Death is an expression complete this moment. They are like winter and spring. You can not say that winter becomes spring, or that spring becomes summer.


Winter landscape, January 28th 2015

Muho discusses some Japanese books, Seikan moves to L.A. and rents out his place, January 22nd 2015

From Melbourne Zen centre’s Facebook page:

Announcing: Manhattan Beach Zen
People from all walks of life coming together for zazen in the sand where LA meets the Pacific ocean. Following zazen, there will also be time for discussion, Q&A, short talks by Seikan, and/or swims in the ocean.
Regular meetings from March 2015.
All welcome!

Self-contained, fully furnished residence, attached to Melbourne Zen Centre in Glen Iris, available for 3 months from March to June 2015 (and possibly for longer). Residence includes hallway, living/office, 1.5 bedrooms, kitchen/meals, bathroom, laundry, garden, some storage, and off-street parking. Rent and conditions negotiable. Contact:

New photo albums uploaded, January 20th 2015

Happy New Year, and new Japanese book out today, January 15th 2015