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Muho gives talk on Shobogenzo Gyoji, May 31st 2018


In that we have encountered Buddha and heard the Dharma today, we are indebted for the loving-kindness evinced by the ceaseless practice of each and every Buddha and Ancestor. Had the Buddhas and Ancestors not directly Transmitted the Dharma to us, how could It possibly have reached us in the present? We should repay our indebtedness for even a single line of verse, and we should repay our indebtedness for even a single Teaching. How much more should we repay our immeasurable indebtedness for the unsurpassed great Dharma of the Treasure House of the Eye of the True Teaching! All day long, we should desire to give up our own lives, which have been as innumerable as the sands of the Ganges. In generation after generation, we should bow in deepest respect and make alms offerings to the bodies that we have abandoned for the sake of the Dharma. Together with all the celestial beings, dragons, and divine spirits, we should venerate and esteem these bodies, for they are something to protect and praise, because the principle of gratitude underlying this veneration is indispensable.
The practice of the Brahmans who buy and sell skulls has long been reported in India. They have deeply revered the numerous, meritorious virtues of the skulls and bones of those who have hearkened to the Dharma. Now, if we do not give up our own lives for the sake of the Way, we will not attain the meritorious virtue of having heard the Teaching. If we hearken to the Dharma without giving a thought for life and limb, that hearing of the Dharma will fully ripen, and this skull of ours will be revered. […]

West coast premiere of “Zen for nothing” & bird’s eye view of Antaiji

ZEN FOR NOTHING soon in California:

June 2nd at Writer’s Guild Theater, Beverley Hills, LA

June 10th at George Lucas Theater, San Rafael

And from June 22nd in Taiwan

Antaiji from the plane window

After the rice planting, May 21st 2018

Walk around the hall, May 18th 2018

Walk around the hall, May 11th 2018

Talk during the Tenzo retreat, rice planting, making udon noodles and party with campfire, May 1st – 6th 2018