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A good day for laundry , February 24th 2015

Kakuan leaves home, February 11th 2015

Kakuan practices at Antaiji since 2012. Now, during his third winter here, he has taken the step to become a monk. Here are some pictures taken by Jisui:

Kakuan’s ordinaton ceremony

We forgot to switch on the microphone. Here are the last minutes in silence:

Last dharma talk on the “Dhammapada”, February 11th 2015

One day sesshin, February 10th 2015

Muho circles around the main hall and discusses some Japanese books, one by Seigaku from Berlin’s “UNDO”, February 9th 2015

Seigaku’s UNSUI CAFE:
Seigaku’s UNDO:

Indide and outside the main hall: The head monk and her assistant practice for the dharma combat ceremony on a cold and snowy winter night, February 8th 2015

For all of you who asked for something in English:
Muho at Treeleaf’s

Muho participates in zazen and gives talk in English at Treeleaf’s

Last month, Muho was invited to join a round of zazen at the virtual Treeleaf Zendo. Afterwards, he was supposed to talk for about half an hour, but when the session has ended, a whole two hours had passed. Thank you to everyone who joined that night (or morning, or noon, depending on the time zone)!

Morning after sesshin, new photo gallery, February 6th 2015

Pictures that Mushin from Australia took here last spring:
Sitting Duck

End of the first sesshin in February, February 5th 2015