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Two Zen perspectives , September 30th 2014

Interesting concersation between two Western Zen practioners:

Gesshin Greenwood:

Brad Warner:

Zenmonki: iRobot X Zen & NoPhone INFINITY: Good For Nothing! , September 27th 2014

Continuing rice harvest, kitchen rehearsal for the ceremony in October, and our diligent garden gnome, September 22nd 2014

Zen & art, September 19th 2014

Old video in new format: Muho on “The ten ox-herding pictures”

New video by Seikan: “You Are Owner? But What Owns You?! ”

Old video by Seikan: “Everyday Sesshin At Tobita Shinchi”

Totally unrelated are these pictures by Miriam Elia: “We go to the gallery”

God is dead

All is sex


I can do that

Also unrelated, cover design of Muho’s new book:


Strange gassho


Japanese bullying

Begin of the rice harvest at Antaiji, September 18th 2014

Muho comments on article by Brad Warner, and new tatamis arrive at Antaiji, September 16th 2014

Talking about Zen monk’s military equipment at the time of Dogen, and the new translation of “The Zen Teaching of Homeless Kodo”

Article by Brad Warner: Monks and Laypeople, War and Peace

Link to new translation published by Simon & Schuster: Zen Teaching of Homeless Kodo

Samu meeting, September 13th 2014

Wichita Lineman: I Hear You Singing Through The Wires

Muho’s new book in Japanese (first & second try), September 12th 2014

First try in the morning:

Second try in the evening:




Muho tries to reply to Brain Victoria’s request for clarification, September 11th 2014