Monthly Archives: March 2014

Planting potatoes, March 29th 2014

Yudai’s new toy, March 27th 2014

Since yesterday, the road to Antaiji is open again. To new practioners arrived, on from Japan, another from Estonia.
There is still snow in the fields, but some tasks outside can be done already.
Yudai is building a new barn to store trees, and today he is training with the power shovel, pulling some logs out of the forest:

First work, March 19th 2014

This year’s samu started yesterday.
As the road is still covered with snow, and it is too early to plow the fields, we continued with changing the window screens.
Also, we now have a brand new wood stove in the kitchen.
But the chimney needed some cleaning.

Sunny morning in late winter, March 16th 2014

Foot steps in the snow, March 15th 2014

Today: One-day-sesshin.
Tomorrow: Changing of the individual rooms.
Day after tomorrow: Deadline of the winter report.
After the 18th: Start of samu. As we still have snow, we will first remove the winter protections, make miso paste, change shoji paper, and chop wood.