Monthly Archives: February 2016

Descending the mountain

TV program on foreigners practicing Buddhism in Japan

Part on Antaiji starts at 5:07

Setchin, Taiga and Myoken are building an igloo

Western breakfast on a free day in Winter, February 16th 2016

Nirvana Day, February 15th 2016

2500 years since Shakyamuni entered nirvana. 14 years since the previous abbot passed away in the snow.

Myoken talks about Juundoshiki (Japanese), February 14th 2016

Taiga talks about Juundoshiki (Japanese), February 13th 2016

Ochi talks about last part of Gakudoyojinshu and first part of Juundoshiki (Japanese), February 12th 2016

Muho explains zazen (English) and Kanda answers question (Japanese), February 11th 2016

Muho in promotion video for Shin-Onsen Town (Japanese) and news from Zenmonki (English)