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Muho asks himself “Who am I?”, September 27th 2016

Monk’s ordination, September 25th 2016

During and after the harvest of the upper rice field, September 24th 2016

Harvesting the northern rice field, September 17th 2016

Harvesting the northern rice field, September 17th 2016

Muho talks about “Great Doubt”, September 12th 2016

Muho’s talk at the “Urania” society in Berlin (in German), September 6th 2016

Here is a short video of the Q&A session without audio:

Muho’s talk on “Arousing Bodhimind” in the Netherlands

Recorded by Joseph Chigyo Wijsmuller in Schin up Geul, August 28th 2016:

Translation of the first chapter of “Gakudoyojinshu” read from “The Heart of Zen” (trans. Shohaku Okumura).
Below is an alternative translation by Kazuaki Tanahashi of the same text:

You should arouse the thought of enlightenment.
The thought of enlightenment has many names but they all refer to one and the same mind.
Ancestor Nagarjuna said, “The mind that fully sees into the uncertain world of birth and death is called the thought of enlightenment.”
Thus if we maintain this mind, this mind can become the thought of enlightenment.

Indeed, when you understand the discontinuity the notion of self does not come into being, ideas of name and gain to not arise. Fearing the swift passage of the sunlight, practice the way as though saving your head from fire. Reflecting on this ephemeral life, make endeavor in the manner of Buddha raising his foot.
When you hear a song of praise sung by a kinnara god or a kalavinka bird, let it be as the evening breeze brushing against your ears. If you see the beautiful face of Maoqiang or Xishi, let it be like the morning dewdrops coming into your sight. Freedom from the ties of sound and form naturally accords with the essence of the way-seeking mind.

If in the past or present, you hear about students of small learning or meet people with limited views, often they have fallen into the pit of fame and profit and have forever missed the buddha way in their life. What a pity! How regrettable! You should not ignore this.
Even if you read the sutras of the expedient or complete teaching, or transmit the scriptures of […]

Muho on German TV, August 30th 2016

Another Interview in German can be watched here.