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Muho discusses two Japanese books, April 30th 2014

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Sitting Duck

Mushin from Australia writes about her experience at Antaiji on her blog.
Lots of beautiful pictures of the daily life here as well:

Sitting Duck

Work on the wood barn, April 23rd 2014

The first pillar of the new wood barn stands, April 19th 2014

Jisui spurts shit, April 18th 2014

Yoga w/Yoshikawa Mae@Antaiji, April 16th 2014

Japanese yogini Yoshikawa Mae honored us with her visit and taught a yoga class at 6am on the free day:

The pictures Mae took can be seen here:

Yudai doing it big time, while Tsukan gets some help from his skinhead friends, April 13th 2014

Planting rice seeds and continuing the work on the new wood barn, April 12th 2014

Work in the wheat field and transporting rocks, April 9th 2014

Work on the stone wall and green house, April 8th 2014

Today, the Buddha’s birthday is celebrated. in Antaiji, it is samu as usual.