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Separating the good rice seeds from the rest, March 31st 2015

Talking head, March 25th 2015

Return from begging, March 2rd 2015

Today, we returned from a one week round of begging in Osaka, Kobe and Kyoto.
The video is from last year.

Dharma combat

Last snow storm this winter? March 11th 2015

Winter returns with wind and snow, March 10th 2015

Watching corpses, collecting bones after March sesshin in Antaiji, March 6th 2015

For all those that keep complaining that there is not enough English videos on our blog, Muho talks about Mahākāśyapa’s practice of watching decaying corpses in the Shobogenzo chapter Gyoji, and about differences in attitudes toward death and funerals in the West and in Japan.
Shot in the back and in the fron of the main hall after the March sesshin:

Link to the Shobogenzo Gyoji chapter (part on Mahakasyapa is on page 377):

About Tri-State Crematory, the crematory that failed to cremate hundreds of bodies that were doscovered in 2002: