I led two courses today, “Introduction to kinhin” held at a local shrine in the early morning, and “Just sitting” in the evening. Thanks to the sponsorship by MINI, the event could take place at the top of the mountain. Here I am talking to Andreas from Germany, who introduces their new model (in English!):

From the gondola we got our first glimpses of Mt. Fuji. How great must it be to see him in the evening sun, from the top of the mountain?
There were about 60 participants in the gondola, among them yoga teachers like Sayaka Shibuki or Mae Yoshikawa. Everyone is excited…

The second we reach the mountain top, we are in a thick mist. It is cold and a strong wind is blowing from the East. Without MINI’s support, people would have asked for their money back. as it was a free vent, people even got a free yoga mat.
Anyway, you do not always get want you want. Especially not from your Zen practice. Today was a good opportunity to accept things as they are, rather than tayloring them according to our wishes.

They say that this place has been a “power spot” for 2400 years. Actually, I do not really believe in “power spots”. Or rather, for me any place where zazen is done is a power spot. Even today, in this weather, the mountain top was a power spot.

Tomorrow I will give my last talk on Bodhimind on this pier. After that I will fly back to Antaiji.