Today was Mui’s turn to give a talk about Shobogenzo HACHIDAININKAKU.

Mui asks the question “Is Buddhism only for introverts?”, when talking about the part:

The third is ‘enjoying the tranquility of nirvana’. What He called ‘enjoying the tranquility of nirvana’ means leaving behind all the noise and hubbub for the solitude of the open country.
As the Buddha said:
“O you monks, if you seek to be tranquil and quiet, liberated from the insistence of the defiling passions, at ease and content, then you should part company with confusion and bustle, and dwell at your ease in some solitary place. The person who dwells in quietude continually forsakes what those in the heavens esteem so highly amongst themselves. Therefore, withdraw from those about you, as well as from other crowds and, in a place of solitude apart from them, reflect on the source of the eradication of suffering at your leisure. If you are one who enjoys the company of others, then you will take on the woes of their company, just as with a flock of birds that gather in some huge tree, there is the lament of dead branches breaking off under their weight. When the world binds itself around us, we drown in the suffering of such company just as an old elephant, sunk down in mire, is unable to drag himself out. This is what I call ‘distancing yourself from those about you’.”

Here are the first minutes (in Japanese only):