Twice each year, in May after the rice planting and in October after the rice harvest, their is a holiday at Antaiji called “Obosan”, literally a “big free day”. On these days there is no zazen, no cleaning, and of course no work either. Even the cook is off duty, which means that everyone is free to cook in the kitchen as they like.

Here you see Tsukan, Steffi, Adrian and Daniel discussing Enneagram personality types in the morning sun. The Enneagram seems to be the latest Antaiji fad.

Tobi, who embodies the “No. 7” stereotype, sits close by and enjoys a late breakfast. he does not mind being labeled “The Enthusiast”.

Tobi is seen crossing the slackline in Antaiji’s garden.

Me trying unsuccessfully to do it like Tobi. More practice!