The day started with sowing wheat. I got the seeds from a friend in Austria, the sort is called “Amadeus”. Hopefully it will survive the heavy snow during the Antaiji winter.


At ten o’ clock, three people working in the forest business came to teach us about using chain saws safely. They began with theoretical lessons.


As wood cutting is not about theory, we sonn moved to the forest. One of the guys showed us how to cut the big sugi trees.


Next, it was Tsukans turn. Being from Oregon, he had no difficulties with using the saw.


After that came Eko, the leader of the “Antaiji forest group”.


When Gusho tried to cut his tree, difficulties arose:


The three professionals had to use their manpower to fell the tree.


After that Takeo, our fresh man, showed his seniors how to cut properly. “Not too bad”, Gusho said.


Jinen is one of those meditative types. As could be expected, the tree would stand firm.

Last came Yudai. Being the youngest in our group, we thought he would fell his tree with one cut, but…

After the training course had ended, all of us went to the hot springs in Yumura to relax.