Monthly Archives: November 2013

One day sesshin, November 10th 2013

Today is Jisui’s 26th birthday. She is the one who cares for our garden.

Q&A after Takeo’s dharma talk, November 9th 2013

Antaiji forest project and problems with the caterpillar, November 7th 2013

Cutting the first of the dead pine trees in the west of the main hall

And now the second one:

During the work, the caterpillar of the power shovel came off:

Good job!

First cut with the new chainsaw, November 6th 2013

Blue sky, colouring mountains

Finally the engine is moving!

A happy Tsukan in his element

5-day Sesshin, November 1st – 5th 2013

Shinrei (wake-up bell)