When I’m there, you’re there; when I’m
not, you’re not. If I’m not here I’m
waiting. Try it again: when you’re here,
I’m here too, and when you’re not, then
I’m not. Where am I then, when you’re
not here? I’m nowhere. What am I doing
nowhere ? Waiting. I’m sitting in (what
we’ll call) nowhere, looking into the
dark, and waiting.

I ought to be able to say it better than
that. But how? By not trying? I’ll try not
to try. I’ll try to say it the way it is, the
way i see it. But I won’t try too hard.
Trying too hard gets me off the track.
I know where I am now. I know I can
get some part of it said. I can, if I don’t
try too hard.

(Robert Lax)