New activity on some non-buddhist blogs:

Tutteji Wachtmeister
“Over the past couple of years there has been a tremendous outpouring of compassion, concern and curiosity from the Transintegral™ community regarding its founder and main teacher, Tutteji Wachtmeister. As we all know, Tutteji entered a solitary, personal retreat in early 2014, and for the past couple of years the beloved guide, considered by many as “the smartest guru alive” and “the thinking man’s Ken Wilber”, has not given any public teachings.
Until now.
We are incredibly excited to announce that Tutteji Dai Osho is back and has resumed leadership of the Transintegral Zen™ Sangha and the entire Transintegral community. At his side is an extremely talented, vibrant community of newly transmitted Dharma teachers and we can expect a virtual avalanche of updated, fun and profitable teachings right from the frothy frontlines of cutting-edge spiritual evolution.”

Speculative Non-Buddhism – an experiment in creative criticism
“Is there hope after all? If you are as excited as I am about Tutteji’s re-emergence from his dark night of transintegral metemschizoidseelewanderung in the cosmic markets (or wherever the hell he’s been), then please remember to donate to the Tutteji Gratitude Fund. I hope you’ll all join me in a hearty long live the Wachmeister, master of brainwaves and market fluctuations! God and Ken Wilber know we need him!” (by Glenn Wallis)

Lines of Flight
“Things have slowed down a bit here. Only three or four visits a day, almost no comments. So what better time to attempt a somewhat more self-indulgent post?
I’m posting the first section of a draft of a novel I’m working on. Or, have just about finished and am trying to revise. Or something. I had asked if anyone wanted to critique my creative work in the way I try to interrogate that of others, but there were no eager volunteers. Maybe reading it first will raise some questions?” (by Tom Pepper)