Hello Muho-san and the rest of Antaiji!


Hello Muho-san and the rest of Antaiji!

It was wonderful receiving this email and hearing that the rice crop has done well.

As far as a contribution to the Yearbook, I had planned to write something specifically for it, but have run out of time, in the 12 hrs of Uji sense anyway as I am on my way to Sanshinji for the Genzo-e on the Genjo-koan. Only 7 hrs of sitting a day (..I find it incredibly funny that I am disappointed about that given that I have so looked forward to this opportunity to study the Shobogenzo..this is the way the mind works sometimes!).

Please feel free to choose any of my blog posts on Antaiji. These can be found at http://journeywithintherealms.blogspot.com/search/label/Antaiji. My suggestion is either Sounds Coming and Going or Washing Up Dishes, but pick what you like!

I continue to learn and benefit from my time at Antaiji and my gratitude for the experience continues to grow. I miss it and then force myself to remember my embarrassment at meal chants or tea meetings!

I hope to have the opportunity to come again someday and I hope to write you all another email soon.

All the best to all of you,